Remote Control Devices

Currently we offer the RTERMKIT RGB6 A Lighting Automation System for Any Combination of 6 to 72 relays.

Currently we offer the RM-XRC Series for The Basic Low Voltage Relay Switching Platform for Lighting Automation:
RM-1XRC Lighting Automation Motherboard for Up-To 24 Relays
RM-2XRC Auxiliary Lighting Automation Motherboard for Additional 24 Relays
RM-3XRC Lighting Automation Motherboard for Up-To 12 Relays

RTerminal Kit RGB6

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Easy to add additional RGB6's and multiply within one panel! Any combination of 6 relays to suit your needs! The RGB6 contains: RTERMINAL KIT RGB6 6 Relay circuit board that could be a Left or Right version No hassle to assemble. Easy to add and assemble

Relay Capability 24 or 72
Extending Options RTERMINAL KIT RGB6 can be combined to obtain 6-72 relays in one panel with the proper interiors.

RM-XRC Series

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