Total Lighting Control Boards

Currently we offer the RMOTHER Series for The Low Voltage Relay Switching Platform
with Microprocessor Intelligence and Dataline Communication:
RMOTHER1X Lighting Automation Motherboard for 24 Relays with Connectors for RCC48, RDD12 and Dataline.
RMOTHER2X Auxiliary Lighting Automation Motherboard for Additional 24 Relays.
RMOTHER3X Lighting Automation Motherboard for 12 Relays
RMOTHER4X Lighting Automation Motherboard for 36 Relays

Currently we offer the RM5M12 Series:
RM5M12 LM 1-12 Lighting Automation Motherboard for 12 Relays.
RM5M12 LA 13-24 Lighting Automation Motherboard for Additional 12 Relays.
*NEW* RM5X12 LA/RDDC12 Lighting Automation Motherboard with driver on board.

Currently we offer the RCC4-D A Four Point Lighting Automation Panel for GE Total Lighting Control (TLC) with Dimming and Logging.


RM5M12 Series


RCC4D our Point Lighting Automation Panel With Dimmer and Logging for GE Total Lighting Control System(TLC) Back to top

The RCC4-D 4 relay power saving light controller with dimmers is the solution to high energy costs for lighting. Onboard schedules control on/off and dimming events, allowing lights to be turned off or dimmed when they are not in use. The system can be controlled using any PC equipped with GE TLC software version 2.0 or later.

RCC4-d Lighting Automation Panel (LAP) is designed to control four lights with dimmers while collaborating with GE Total Lighting Automation System (TLC) version 2.00. The TLC program runs on Personal Computer and communicates with the controller board via RLINK Gateway and Dataline local area network, monitoring board status, sending requests, as well as downloading Schedules and Programmable System Switches (PSS) information.

The panel controls individual lights through attached relays. Luminosity of lights can be controlled through dimmer outputs. The board controls group of four lights simultaneously in two-state mode - 75-100%. Board with enhanced dimmer option allows gradual dimmer control either for the group of board's four dimmers or for each individual channel. RCC4-d panel also supports manual ON/OFF override for each relay and manual adjustment of dimmer output levels (0-100%) through potentiometers.

As part of TLC system the RCC4-d controller supports up to four System Schedules (marked M, N, O or P) and up to three Programmable System Switches per each light point. The board is also equipped with one local LAP Programmable Master Switch (PMS) input able to switch any group of relays controlled by the Lighting Automation Panels connected to the network.

LAP programs are stored in non-volatile memory thus assuring continuous controller operation after control power interruption to the board. Indicator LEDs constantly display status of power circuitry, voltage of Data Line communications link, and ON/OFF/FAILED status of each individual relay.

Relay Capability 12
Extending Options There can be up to 3 RINTERxx12LA on one platform. The maximum panel capacity is 48 relays.

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